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BAM – Brooklyn Academy of Music

Brooklyn, NY

We prepared plans and specifications for new stage-lighting systems that would link all three performance spaces in Brooklyn Academy of Music's (BAM's) main facility and be fully integrated with the existing dimming systems. Cost constraints limited the installation to the Opera House and Playhouse, and the linking controls were omitted in favor of a single, portable back-up console.

The installed equipment included three computerized control consoles, three dimmer-per-circuit racks, and a variety of rolling racks, portable packs, control input and output panels, interface equipment, stage-lighting fixtures, and stage- and multi-cable. A custom rolling dimmer rack and an associated transformer rack allow BAM to provide 240-volt dimmers to accommodate the needs of the European touring companies.

Because of BAM's busy performance schedule, the project had to meet a tight deadline: we had to start in early July and finish before the season opened in late September. The contractor and all manufacturers met the deadlines without difficulty, and the systems were ready for the opening show of the year.

The Opera House. We installed new circuit boxes on the mezzanine face, rewired the front-of-house circuits, and ran new control wire from the booth to the designer's station, to backstage control locations, and to the dimmer racks.

A new raceway on the stage right fly floor allows for quick changes between productions. Multi-cable outlets allow multiple circuits to be moved quickly from one batten to another. Two types of breakouts at the battens allow for quick installation of strip lights or standard theatrical circuits. A cluster of nine 50-amp outlets at the upstage end of the raceway allows control for a complete array of cyc lights.
New dimmer racks and control consoles operate all the theatre's stage lighting circuits, house lighting, work lights, running lights and cue lights. Multiple DMX environments suit all types of theatrical lighting fixtures, color changers, and intelligent lighting fixtures from one console.


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