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Private Residence
Denbigh, VA

Our clients hired us to illuminate their substantial collection of modern artwork. They had an extensive track lighting system that they wished to keep, and we were asked to augment this with similar track fixtures.
This photograph shows the house from the outside. It is a large rectangle with glass on both long sides, allowing views through the house to the tidal river and marshes beyond.
This work of multi-colored fabric panels was lit with three fixtures that only provided illumination hot spots. We added two fixtures and diffusing lenses and focused the five fixtures so the work is unified and appears created, as it was, for the space where it is displayed.
The majority of pieces were lit with single fixtures and a bare lamp. Again, diffusing lenses and refocusing illuminated the entire work and reduced glare and veiling reflections.

For homes we have created designs for interior, exterior, and landscape illumination. A complete lighting design encompasses all three.

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