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A live performance should be an extraordinary occasion. It should be memorable for the excitement, glamour, and vibrancy of the evening -- and not for the difficulties encountered. This holds true for not only the audience but also the performers and the technicians backstage.

STAGE-HOUSE DESIGN: Nothing is worse than the evening's performance marred by technical difficulties. The theatre's technical systems must allow each company to realize their vision quickly and smoothly.

The theatre community is small, and word travels fast. When a theatre is designed with the production's needs in mind, it quickly is known as a good hall; and bookings increase at reasonable rates. When the theatre is known as a difficult room, bookings are hard to obtain; and prices are higher. We collaborate with the architect to maximize the theatre's potential while working within the project's budget. In all cases the needs of permanent and touring companies must be considered. We work with the architects to ensure that:

Access from the loading dock to the stage is easy to navigate.

The stage floor meets the needs of dance, opera, and dramatic companies (as applicable).

Stage lighting systems provide flexibility in fixture locations and accommodate the needs of both resident and touring companies .

Scenery can move in and out of the audience's view quickly and quietly.

The orchestra pit will meet the needs of orchestras and dance and opera companies. It also allows access to storage spaces below the stage.

SPACE PLANNING: We examine each production company's needs to ensure that the proper amount of space is planned for dressing rooms, green room, costume shops and storage, wardrobe and props running shops, lighting and sound equipment storage, scenery construction and storage.

AUDIENCE SUPPORT FACILITIES: We examine the space from the audience perspective and work with the architect to ensure (among other things) that

The box office is easy to find, and lines can be kept short.

There are enough rest rooms.

There are sound and lighting locks between the auditorium and surrounding spaces.

Traffic will flow quickly and easily to and from the theatre.

SIGHT-LINE STUDIES AND SEATING LAYOUTS: We work with the architect to ensure that each row in the theatre is properly elevated so that each patron can see the full stage.

We also collaborate to ensure the maximum number of seats in the house.

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