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Roanoke, VA

June, 1995
World Premiere
Opera Roanoke

Created by:
Victoria Bond, Composer and Anne Goethe, Librettist

Jonathan Alan Arak, Director
Frank Ludwig, Set Design
Mitch Baker, Costumes

This opera resembles Gulliver's Travels in that the son (Gull) leaves "Home" to find himself. The production also resembled The Wizard of Oz. The score required specific color palettes for each locale. Meeting this requirement was a specific lighting design requirement.


The sepia-toned world of Home. Frank Ludwig's sets allowed for the lighting to create a bland appearance in this bland world, which Gull is trying to escape.

Gull's first stop is Carnivale Vitae (Red). From here, he explores the Coming Soon Kingdom (Blue and Gold), the Golden Calf Gym (Purple), and the Laboratory for the Redesign of the Mind (Blue).

Gull's final stop is Peaceable Kingdom (Green) where he realizes he will find peace within himself, not from external sources. From here he returns to Home, which is a much happier place for him, and still sepia-toned.


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