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Wilder Performing Arts Center

Norfolk State University, Norfolk, VA

The theatre is the home of the University Theatre Department, a venue for diverse national and international acts, and a meeting hall for the entire freshman class of about 2,000 students.

The facility is designed to meet the many needs of dance, drama, and music performances. Our Theatre Consulting services focused on the design and specification of rigging and lighting systems and other technical equipment. The single-purchase counterweight rigging system consists of 57 general-purpose line sets and seven line sets dedicated for stage lighting.

A dimmer-per-circuit stage-lighting system and an auditorium architectural lighting system provide computerized control of all lighting fixtures within the hall. Lighting positions are designed to provide technicians with quick access and the widest variety of lighting angles possible. Specifications include a removable apron and stage draperies.

Our services included consulting with the architect on the auditorium's seating area and sight-line requirements and on backstage support areas including dressing rooms, storage and maintenance facilities, and stage access.

A lighting sketch to ensure that a designer could easily illuminate the stage from a variety of lighting positions.

The rigging system at the gridiron, which is 70 feet above the stage.
The stage left pin rail — pin rails on each side of the stage allow for easily breasting pick-up lines and running spotting lines on each side of the stage. The switchback stair, seen to the right, was required by the fire marshall, who at the last minute, rejected spiral stairs and straight ladders, either of which would have saved valuable space on stage.


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