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Christ Church
Roanoke, VA

Award of Merit - 1999 International Illumination Design Awards

Imagine this room with a dark wood ceiling and only eight chandeliers and twelve sconces for light sources. Our task in this renovation was to enliven the entire church and support the liturgy by subtly accenting important areas: pulpit, lectern, altar, chancel steps, and baptism font.

Photography by Dave Baugh.
The ceiling was covered with drywall (for acoustical purposes) and painted a light, reflective color. The ceiling finish allowed us to light the room indirectly with new fixtures installed above the stained glass windows between the trusses. Additional fixtures were installed on the altar side of the trusses to illuminate the focus areas. The original chandeliers and sconces were removed and completely refurbished. They now provide an accent rather than a dominant light source. The design includes a programmable dimming system. Pending a decision on the fate of the organ, the chancel awaits a completed lighting design. Currently, four new fixtures provide front light at the altar while reused fixtures provide general illumination. These, and the light blue stained glass windows, account for the cooler coloring of the chancel ceiling.

Christ Church
Martinsville, VA

Section Award - 1999 International Illumination Design Awards

The parish's interior renovations evolved from a dark and dimly-lit church. Lighting problems included no focus for the presentation areas (the pulpit, altar, and baptism font) and an overall poor illumination level in the nave. Specific tasks were: increasing general illumination levels; providing focused light for the presentation areas; and defining the form of the unique, octagonal room.

Along with the repainted interior, lighting brightens the space, revealing the stunning detail of crossing gothic and barrel vaults forming a Maltese cross. Lighting defines this form with light from a variety of sources and locations. Existing recessed fixtures were removed and replaced with eight recessed down-lights that provide general illumination. A parishioner designed and donated the new chandelier and wrought-iron sconces.

New, recessed, adjustable fixtures focus light into the chancel and around the altar. Low-voltage fixtures concealed behind the chancel arch, sidelight the altar, defining forms. Others also illuminate the chancel, as do two reused eyeball fixtures. A programmable dimming system controls all the lighting in the church.

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